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Set up your ISUP


1. Unpack & unroll the board close to where you wish to launch. A grassy area is ideal.

2. Remove the bung & ensure the Valve Pin is in the ‘UP’ position to inflate the board.

3. Connect the hose to the pump and insert into the valve with a quarter turn.

4. Inflate the board to 5- 10psi then remove the small black bung on the side of the pump, this will make it easier to get to the required 15psi (when the needle gets to the green area on the dial)

5. Remove the pump hose and fit the bung.

6. Insert the Fin into the Slot & slide in the retaining clip.

Pack Down

1. Remove the Fin.

2. Deflate by pressing the valve pin in with a quarter turn to allow the air to escape.

3. Roll up the board from the nose towards the valve to push out the air.

4. Put into the bag with the paddle, fin & pump.

Please avoid getting sand or water into the valves & take care around sharp objects or abrasive surfaces.

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Sounds like loads of fun, will book when I visit next time.

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